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Electric Standing Adjustable Desk Motor Solution
With the development of society, there is an increasing focus on healthy. Long term work, study, and entertainment on a fixed tabletop, human muscles, and bones are under long-term tension, it is easy to cause sub-health symptoms such as cervical spondylosis, frozen shoulder, lumbar muscle strain, and decreased vision. Many scientific studies show that changing posture frequently helps improve employees' health and enables them to stay productive throughout the day. Intelligent electric office and home adjustable lifting desks can realize the functional requirement of a desk. Pressing the height adjustment button to meet the height requirement of the users to create the necessary height adjustment or tabletop tilt to achieve optimal ergonomics.
There are many types of electric sit stand lifting desks on the market, most of them adopt a motor with planetary gearbox structure. This structure limited by the load-bearing, adjustable position restrictions, short service life, high noise, inaccurate control, unbalanced lifting speed, stalls, and insufficient position accuracy, it has been a difficult problem in the existing market.

To solve the various problems of electric lifting tables in the existing market, Derry Motor launched the intelligent electric lifting adjustable desk motor solution, Through the turbine + worm structure design, combined with the body height difference of various users, the electric intelligent lifting desk can be designed and customized to bear more than 62Kg on one leg, the operating noise is lower than 40 dB. The lifting speed is at 30-40mm/s, and multiple operation modes can be realized, the lifting height is stored in memory and t can be adjusted at any time. The control switch information is transmitted through the control system to check out the correct information and make accurate feedback. The height difference of multi-leg lifting can be controlled to be less than 1.2mm. Under the 60Kg rated load condition of a single leg, the service life of the electric intelligent lifting motor is more than 12,000 times.