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Harmfulness of electromagnetic interference and analysis of EMC technology

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Harmfulness of electromagnetic interference and analysis of EMC technology

Harmfulness of electromagnetic interference and analysis of EMC technology

Abstract: Along with the gradual highlighting of the energy crisis in our country, the reform of the field of energy is also strengthening, especially the development of electric energy is an important aspect in the reform of the city of energy in our country, and the status of the current energy structure is increasing gradually. Electromagnetic interference may seem invisible, but it can be extremely harmful. Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) performance is an important index to reflect the work of electronic products in electromagnetic environment, which can ensure the safety and stability of normal working state. Improving electromagnetic compatibility of electrical equipment has become an imminent research topic, this paper mainly describes the harm of electromagnetic interference to the control system, shielding the importance of signal loop, how to enhance the ability of anti-interference methods and electromagnetic compatibility technology analysis.

Key words: electromagnetic interference; Harm; Electromagnetic compatibility; Technical analysis

The introduction

Electromagnetic compatibility test system is an important factor affecting the level of electromagnetic compatibility test, and it is also an inevitable part of electromagnetic compatibility test. However, the problem of electromagnetic interference is still more serious in the testing system of electromagnetic compatibility, which seriously affects the testing level and testing effect of electromagnetic compatibility, and hinders the application level of electromagnetic compatibility. Therefore, relevant institutions must strengthen the importance and understanding of EMC test system, fully realize the importance of EMC test system, and strengthen the progress of EMI research as soon as possible Effectively solve the electromagnetic interference problems in the current electromagnetic compatibility test system, improve the electromagnetic compatibility test

Test the level.

1 Analysis of the factors affecting the electromagnetic interference of EMC test system at present,

With the improvement of the EMC test system, the test effect of EMC is also improving. However, in order to effectively guarantee the accuracy of the test, it is necessary to pay more attention to the suppression of electromagnetic interference, and effectively strengthen the level of internal and external electromagnetic interference control of the EMC test system. This has raised high requirements for the relevant organizations and manufacturers. Only by strengthening the level of understanding and timely finding out the main factors of EMI problems and improving them, can the accuracy of EMC testing system be guaranteed.

1.1 Slow research on internal interference source suppression technology

Internal interference source is one of the important interference sources in the operation of the test system, and also the main factor affecting the operation of the test system. However, at the present stage, there is still a lack of research on the suppression technology of internal interference source, which seriously affects the operation of the relevant system. Internal interference sources are mainly electromagnetic interference signals generated during the running of the internal electrical system of the system. Due to the particularity of the test system, the internal electrical system has a complex structure and involves almost all parts of the system. Therefore, the electrical base has a high interference intensity, which affects the running level of the test system. In addition, high intensity electromagnetic interference signals generated by power electronic devices such as fast rectification and motor start have seriously affected the operation level of related systems.

1.2 The external processing level of artificial interference sources is poor

Another important factor affecting the electromagnetic interference suppression level of EMC test system is the external interference source. With the development of economy, the popularity and application level of electronic equipment has been greatly improved, which directly leads to the complexity of external electromagnetic interference signals, and the intensity of electromagnetic interference has also been greatly increased, so it has a great impact on the operation of the test system. However, the current test system is due to the technical limitation and the original manufacturing cost Due to the low level of application of external anti-interference technology, and the use of relevant EMI suppression materials, the level of external interference sources is poor, which enhances the impact of EMI on the test system and hinders the normal operation of the EMC test system.

2. Ways to improve the EMI suppression level of EMC test system

2.1 Strengthen the research on internal interference source suppression technology

As an important factor affecting the level of electromagnetic interference, internal interference sources not only cause obstacles to the operation of the test system, and even have some adverse effects on the human body, so the relevant research institutions and manufacturers must strengthen the attention to internal interference sources, effectively reduce the electromagnetic interference caused by internal interference sources. First of all, the relevant institutions should strengthen the research on internal interference suppression technology, for the interference source of internal interference sources, transmission channels and sensitive sources of three elements of technical research, strengthen the electromagnetic signal emission and receiving parts of the electromagnetic signal reduction, through the optimization of material and structure to effectively reduce the electromagnetic interference of internal interference sources, to ensure the electromagnetic compatibility test system It is running properly. Secondly, it is necessary to improve the selection standard of wrapping materials for the test system. Internal wrapping materials are also an important factor to reduce electromagnetic interference signals. Due to the complexity of the electrical system structure, high-quality anti-electromagnetic interference materials can effectively reduce the intensity of electromagnetic interference signals in the process of transmission and reduce the adverse effects of electromagnetic interference. Finally, to strengthen the filter research and use level, filter can effectively reduce the circuit path directly caused by electromagnetic interference, reduce electromagnetic signal transmission interference, so to strengthen the research and introduction of advanced filters, so as to ensure the internal electromagnetic suppression level of the test system, improve the operating level of the test system, can also protect the body safety of the surrounding personnel.

2.2 Strengthen the electromagnetic suppression of external interference sources

In recent years, the influence of external artificial interference sources on EMC test system has been increasing, due to electronic equipment

As a result, the electromagnetic interference signal outside the EMC test system is dense, and the electromagnetic interference intensity is also varied Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the electromagnetic suppression processing level of external interference sources and reduce the influence level of the test system by external electromagnetic interference signals. To strengthen the selection level of external materials, external materials are undoubtedly the most important factor to reduce the external electrical interference signals, but also the key factor to reduce the intensity of external interference electromagnetic signal, so it is necessary to strengthen the selection level of external materials, select high electromagnetic suppression materials for external daub, in order to ensure the reduction level of electromagnetic interference signals. Moreover, in the process of electromagnetic compatibility test system testing, different environments should be actively selected for testing, so as to improve the guarantee of electromagnetic compatibility level, improve the electromagnetic interference suppression level of electric energy in different environments, and lay the foundation for the wide application of electric energy.

3 Electromagnetic compatibility technology analysis

3.1 Path of electromagnetic interference precision

During the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) process of the power system, electromagnetic interference occurs along a certain path, that is, a channel for transmitting electrical interference sources is generated. The channel is roughly divided into two categories: ① radiant interference. Literally, it interferes with the electrical system by producing radiation. In other words, radiant interference means that the interference exerts its effect on the sensitive equipment through the space of the electromagnetic source. The degree of this kind of interference is relatively large, the impact is also very big, is not a small wear a difficult problem, such as the interference on TV. ② Conduction type interference. In order to play a role, conductive interference must be conducted through a certain conduction medium, such as through wires, signal lines and other physical objects, so as to interfere with the relevant objects.

3.2 Evaluation of electromagnetic environment

In the study of electromagnetic compatibility of power system, the study of electromagnetic environment is also very important, which is the most basic link to solve the problem of electromagnetic interference. Because the electromagnetic environment is related to the degree of interference of the interfered object, relevant methods should be adopted to evaluate the environment when studying the electromagnetic environment, and the evaluation should be repeated many times to avoid the occurrence of mistakes. 3.3 Technical means of electromagnetic compatibility

In order to solve the problem of power compatibility, further research and design are needed to improve the technical level of dealing with power interference. Among them, the most important is the establishment of power compatibility laboratory. By doing so, we can not only promote the safe operation of the power system, but also conduct a series of experiments and tests to find a more effective way to deal with the power compatibility problem.

Closing Remarks

Along with the energy crisis and the development and utilization level of new energy continuously improving, and the popularization of environmental protection consciousness, the application and attention level of electric energy will certainly continue to expand, but due to the current research progress of electromagnetic interference suppression technology of Chinese electromagnetic compatible test system, it undoubtedly hinders the application level and use effect of electric energy.

Therefore, relevant manufacturers and relevant research institutions must strengthen the electromagnetic compatibility test system and electromagnetic interference suppression technology research attention, effectively improve the level of electromagnetic compatibility and electromagnetic interference suppression level, scientific and reasonable protection of the electromagnetic compatibility test system operation effect, for the improvement of the application level of electric energy.