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Market analysis of planetary reducer

Views: 4     Author: Derry Motor     Publish Time: 2022-07-26      Origin: Site

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Market analysis of planetary reducer

(1) Product type and features

Planetary gear reducer is also called planetary reducer, servo reducer. In the reducer family, planetary reducers are widely used in servo motors, stepper motors, DC motors and other transmission systems due to their small size, high transmission efficiency, wide deceleration range, and high precision. Its function is to reduce the rotational speed, increase the torque and reduce the load/motor inertia ratio under the premise of ensuring precision transmission.


(2) Main application fields of the product

Planetary reducers can be directly mounted on AC and DC servo motors and are widely used in industrial fields with medium precision. Such as: printing machine tools, flame cutting, laser cutting, CNC machine tools, tool machinery, food packaging, automation industry. In aerospace, semiconductor equipment, medical equipment, robots, manipulators, communication equipment, pharmaceutical equipment, printing equipment, packaging machinery, textile Machinery, CNC machine tools, CNC pipe bending machines, parking equipment, measuring equipment, machine tools, precision monitoring systems, vehicle industry, automatic control systems and other industries.


(3) Product market competition

As an indispensable transmission equipment in modern construction, planetary reducers are used in various industries. Since the founding of the People's Republic of China, the leaders of the party and the state have paid great attention and support to the development of the reducer industry. Live up to expectations, my country's reducer industry has formed a huge industrial scale after the joint efforts of several generations. At present, my country's reducer products not only meet the needs of the domestic mainstream market, but also exported to foreign countries, occupying a certain amount in the international market. Status, my country has become the world's largest manufacturer of reducer.


As we all know, my country is currently in a transitional period of economic and social development. Since the reform and opening up, my country's economic development has taken off, and various industries have made great progress in both industrial development and technology, and the reducer industry is no exception. However, in the past, only focusing on the development of industry and ignoring the simultaneous development of society and the environment, there are many disadvantages accumulated. After entering the 21st century, the country has begun to attach importance to the common development of the economy and society, and strive to make our country's economy achieve a good turnaround and promote our country's sustainable development. It is true that many problems accumulated in recent years have begun to surface, such as environmental problems and social security problems. These problems restrict the further development of my country's economy. If the transformation is not carried out in time, the development of various industries will be stagnant or even fall back.